How much Clenbuterol you must take for extreme fat loss and bodybuilding?

Clenbuterol is one of the best performance enhancers to choose. It helps build an athlete’s workout routine and adds more productivity. The drug is multipurpose, and usually used for improving asthmatic conditions.

Dosage of Clenbuterol

It is important to consider the reasonable levels to take per day. Below we have added the dosage level for Clenbuterol:

  1. 140 mcg maximum for men per day
  2. 100 mcg maximum for women per day
  3. 100 mcg to 140 mcg for weight loss according to recommendation and need

You can have Clenbuterol in liquid and pill form. Liquid are for people who have a problem to swallow pills. However, the dosage and reaction for the form of Clenbuterol is same for both. Every use would need you a specific amount of this drug and you have to use it in a particular way. The person internal physical condition must also be taken in consideration before choosing dosages. Clenbuterol hydrochloride is one of the powerful stimulants that have to be monitored by a physician — you must try to prevent danger and control adverse effects of reactions.

Clenbuterol Dosage Cycle

Everybody has different efforts to put in when they consume Clenbuterol. Men and women have different metabolic reactions and just like their amounts vary, their efforts and reactions must also vary. It is important to see how well their respiratory condition is, before using the drug.

Clenbuterol is produced to consume in cycles. People usually start with small dosages and then increase till a specific amount is reached. Once you reach the maintenance level, you can continue in that level till your physician assures that you have reached your goal.

Once the main portion of the treatment completes, your dosage will start reducing. You will safely be stopped in this gradual process, so that you don’t face any side effect. As long as you observe the Clenbuterol cycle properly, you will not face any side effects from the drug. There are cycles that involve 2 week on and off routine. However, going beyond 200 mcg would be harmful to your physically.

Clenbuterol Results

Clenbuterol has proved to open bronchial airways and enhance breathing when people have asthmatic attacks or other respiratory conditions. The possibility to dilate airways and improve amount of oxygen inhaled reduces stress and makes a person healthier.

We are however concerned as Clenbuterol as a weight loss supplement. The drug works both like a thermogenic and anti-catabolic and burns excess calories and improves oxygen that helps you do muscle exercises.

When you use more oxygen, you burn more fat and calories. It gives you sustained levels of weight loss. When you reach your desired weight goal, you will be able to maintain it and keep your weight off. You have to make sure that you consume reasonable levels to take per day, and follow a proper cycle. This way, your body gets used to the drugs, and doesn’t leave you with any side effects.