Powerful Health Benefits of Essential Oils

Essential oil is the distilled liquid which is extracted from the different kinds of plants. Essential oil consists of true essence of the plant. These oils are 75-80% more powerful than the herbs. The extraction of the essential oil from the plant does not impart any harmful effect on the plant. In fact, the plant remains as healthy as before. The exceptionally wonderful benefits of the essential oils are beneficial for mankind. Here are certain benefits of the essential oils which are beneficial for you as well as your family members. Let us ponder on these;

Raises stamina and increases memory

Add peppermint essential oil to a glass full of water. You can also use orange essential oil or lemon essential oil. Never increase the quantity of oil beyond 2-3 drops and it will help you to increase the memory and stamina as well.

Boost immune system

You can apply oregano, frankincense or thyme to the bottom of the feet and knees. It is better to use it after taking the shower.

Treats upset stomach

Add one to two drops of cinnamon bark oil to the glass of warm water and you can drink it as tea. It will help in treating the upset stomach, heartburn, and acidity.

Relieves headache

Apply lavender oil on the top of the head, behind the ear and temples. Rub it for 10 minutes. Now, inhale the leftover oil on the hands. It will help in stopping the headache completely.

Treats motion sickness

Pour a few drops of peppermint oil or ginger oil on the tissue and give it to your child or the person who is suffering from the motion sickness. The person can inhale it during the car ride.

Treats insomnia

Sprinkle 2-3 drops of lavender oil on the tissue and place it underneath your pillow. It will help you to have better sleep. The people who are suffering from sleeping disorders can use it to treat their problems.

In addition to it, there are a lot of known and unknown benefits which you can withdraw from the essential oils.