Diagnostic Tests for Secondary Bone Cancer

Diagnosis of any type of cancer is very tedious process and has a lot of test to ascertain that a person is suffering fro bone cancer. For the diagnosis of secondary bone cancer the first test which is carried out on the patient is blood-test which is used to check the blood calcium level of the suspected patients. X — Rays of chest and the bones are conducted to check whether there is any kind abnormality in the chest or the bone of the individual. These X -rays are not that much result oriented.

The third test for the diagnosis of secondary bone cancer is bone scanning, in bone scanning the person on whom the test has to be performed is injected with the radioactive substances. After taking the injection the person is asked to wait for at-least three hours so that the radioactive substance get absorbed by the bone which is affected by the secondary bone cancer. The affected part of the bone which has absorbed the radioactive substance which show up quite clearly in imaging tests. the other imaging test through which the person has to go through for the diagnosis of secondary bone cancer are CT scan, MRI, PET Scan if all these test are inconclusive then there is a other test which is finally refered by all the doctors.

Biopsy is a process in which the sample of the bone is taken to analyze under the microscope normally the test results are the expected to come within 2 weeks. The biopsy is of two types 1) Needle biopsy 2) Open biopsy, both of the test are taken under the influence of the local anesthesia. If all the test fail then you are not affected with the secondary bone cancer and no need for worry but if you are diagnosed with secondary bone cancer then its time to start the treatment immediately.

When a person is suffering from the secondary bone cancer the bones are affected in a great way and they become so weak that might get fractured leading to pathological fractures due to some minor accidents. The most common symptoms of the secondary bone cancer is a pain. The pain will be sometimes acute and sometimes a low grade pain but the aching in the bone will persist. If the pain is persistent for more 10 — 15 days one should go for a checkup with the doctor. The bone where the secondary bone cancer has affected may swollen up leading to the tenderness in the area.

Secondary Bone Cancer can occur in many bones in a single instance. hence, a person may suffer with the pain in more than one areas of the bone. Sometimes spinal cord is affected and may lead to the pains in spine bones, weakness of the muscles of the spine, reduction of the sensation in the limbs of the patient. In secondary bone cancer the calcium absorption level of the blood may fall and which will lead to higher concentration of the calcium in the blood showing the symptoms such as nausea, constipation, thirst and etc. So be Careful if any of the major symptoms of secondary bone cancer persist for 10 -15 days or more immediately go to the doctor. If you are in the Americas, there are excellent accounts of cancer treatment in Mexico. Now one of the worlds greatest places to find alternative care.