What Is Microblading — It’s Procedure, Features And Benefits

Due to thin eyebrow many girls and women take help of cosmetic products to make them bold and dark. Not just application of these makeup products gives an artificial look but also takes effort and time on a daily basis. Microblading is a very popular, safe and result oriented cosmetic procedure that gives thicker, fuller, and natural look to eye brows.

How is microblading different from traditional tattoo procedure?

In a traditional tattoo procedure, needles are placed on a coil or a rotary machine. These needles help in pushing ink deep inside the seven skin layers. In the case of microblading, this manual procedure only uses a single manual blade that aims at only three skin layers. This way of application helps the color to penetrate on a superficial level inside the skin.

How is the microblading procedure performed?

To get the procedure done to you, one is required to book an appointment online. Do some research and find the most reputed cosmetic clinic in your area. Learn about the knowledge and experience of surgeons and type of technologies they use. It is advisable to purchase a ‘numb skin’ so that when it is applied, you won’t experience pain. For a pain free procedure, you need to apply it an hour before undergoing the treatment.

This will help in reducing the nervousness or fear of pain in a person with low pain tolerance power. This cream takes close to fifteen to twenty minutes to give a numbing effect. Post this period a surgeon starts with the treatment.

Cosmetic surgeons will efficiently clean the entire area of the face, followed by measuring the brow region. After this calculation, brow area is filled with right size, color and texture of hair. Also, the existing color of the brows of the person is given a darker shade using pigmentation method.

For how much time can you avail the benefit of the procedure?

The results of this procedure depend on the lifestyle, environmental exposure and type of skin of the person. Some of these factors are exposure to harmful UVA and UVB rays of sun, lasers, oily skin, use of chemical peels, etc.

Commonly the impact of this procedure stays between one to three years easily. After this period, one may experience fading of the color of the eye brow. Cosmetic surgeons at Foxy Brow suggest performing a “color boost” procedure every year to preserve the color for a long time.

The cost of the procedure

The cost of the treatment depends on the reputation of the clinic and the chosen artist. It also depends on how many hairs needs to be implanted in the area, effort required in the process, and the requirement of a color boost in a person.


Microblading is becoming a hot trend among women who have thin eye brows. It is an easy yet advanced cosmetic procedure that gives one dense eye brows in just a few hours. Free from any side effects and hassle-free procedure, microblading has been in demand since its introduction and will continue to be in several more years to come.

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