Myths Related To Mediation Retreats Busted — Benefits of Regular Meditation out Weighs

Preconceived ideas related to yoga meditation retreat heard from friends have made many interested people step back or not sign up. The basic goal of yoga retreat is to –

  • Take time to revitalize yourself physically and mentally
  • Un-clutter your mind and attain better focus
  • Obtain clarity about crucial life decisions
  • Start a divine journey towards self-evolution

You can see how yoga retreat aims to calm your nerves but silly minds start imagining things, which are not personally experienced, just heard.

Myths related to yoga retreats busted

Everyone has to sit down on straw mats

Meditation can be done on floor, mat, chair, or cushion. The only aspect to bear in mind is Meditation has to be comfortable.

You need to put on yoga clothes

Clothes need to be casual and comfy. You don’t need to add anything new in your wardrobe. Any kind of casuals are welcome at the retreat center.

You must be familiar with your deep desires

Meditation is an ongoing practice. Desires fluctuate every now and then. Meditation is a tool, which helps you to get familiar with desires.

If you were aware then there would be no need to visit the retreat. Retreat gives a kick-start to your journey of self-exploration.

You need to chant

No, chanting is needed. At the workshop people are encouraged to get familiar with their outer and inner voices. People can sing or chant it is personal choice.

You need to be vegan

Vegan diet is very strict, but at the retreat vegetarian food is served. The centre aims people to select balanced, clean, healthy, fresh, and delicious food.

You need to abstain from entertainment, sex, alcohol, chocolate, and beverages

Mediation means adding good things to life. You learn and discover ways to healthy living. So you spontaneously make some healthy choices or changes.

You are not allowed to laugh

Meditation is an alternative, but laughing is necessary for healthy life.

Never allow such funny stories to come in your way. To follow this ancient and authentic spiritual tradition, you will need to look for a teacher, who can teach meditation properly.

Ancient yoga teachings teach you how to control and handle every facet of life. Therefore, learn the authentic meditation techniques from teachers, whom you can trust and has rooted knowledge and extensive personal experience.

After completing the yoga retreat workshop, you will know about your feelings clearly. If you feel positive about the teachings and decide to do it regularly then the kick-start you receive at the workshop was successful.

How regular mediation will improve your life?

With regular meditation your heart, body, and mind will improve.

Physical benefits

  • Reduces anxiety attacks
  • Lowers blood lactate levels and high blood pressure
  • Reduces tension pain
  • Increases serotonin
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Improves energy level

Psychological benefits

  • Enhances emotional stability
  • Decreases anxiety
  • Develops intuition
  • Increases creativity
  • Gains clarity
  • Gains focus
  • Expands consciousness and sharpness, which brings perfection
  • Increases happiness

Spiritual benefits

  • Effortless transition
  • Discover, learn, and recognize more about yourself
  • Emit calmness and joy in the environment

Meditation for students brings great confidence, better clarity and focus, great dynamism, more mental health & energy, and better health.

Author’s Bio:

This article has been written by James Sherer. He often writes about psychological and physical benefits of meditation retreats. If you are looking for meditation retreat, worth your time and money, then Somananda Tantra School is the best option in Tallinn for you. You could visit their website to learn more about the services offered by them.