What is Aftercare Plan for Substance Abuse?

A typical drug rehab program has strict schedules with the days planned for various activities. You are under constant monitoring and there is restriction on who can visit you and when. It is a much different environment than your normal life. It cuts you off from your real world where you have responsibilities, family, and your social contacts. Once you re-enter your old environment, you can come across the same trigger points and challenges that can increase the chances of relapse.

An aftercare plan for substance abuse can help increase your chances of long-term recovery. Find out how such a program can help.

Path to Complete Recovery

Recovery from addiction is a long and continuous program and you should be ready to dedicate time to it. It is certainly important to complete your rehab, but people are vulnerable to relapse within just a few weeks of completing it. The rate for relapse is almost 50%.

Aftercare programs are designed with this fact in mind. They last longer and provide you an environment that is closer to your normal, everyday life. The program creates a support system of people facing similar challenges and having similar goals. There is continuous guidance, support, and counseling.

Types of Aftercare Programs

You can find different types of aftercare plan for substance abuse. These different options include:

  • Rehab Facilities: Many rehabilitation facilities run aftercare programs. Some of the key features and services offered include follow-up therapies, sober-living environments, medical evaluation, and support groups.
  • Sober Living Houses: These are residential facilities that may be independent; government supported, or rehab centers. Studies show that spending aftercare time in sober living homes increases the chances of recovery.

So if you are suffering from addiction or it is a loved one it is recommended to choose an aftercare program after your detox and rehab program gets completed. You should take all the steps required to achieve complete recovery.