Understand Inpatient and Outpatient Drug Treatment Program

Drug and alcohol recovery treatment can be obtained either as a residential [inpatient] or outpatient. Both programs offer an essential care level to attain long-term recovery. Confused on how to identify which program is suitable for your dear one. Remember that, care level is the best but methods differ. Patient’s addiction level and duration helps to determine which is more appropriate for their needs.

In this article, you get a general overview of the difference between inpatient and outpatient programs. To learn more about the kind of appropriate program, there is a need for in-person diagnostic assessment from a qualified professional.

Inpatient treatment program

  • Lasts for minimal 28 days
  • Facility is safe and secure, which helps patients to abstain from the impulse to use drugs.
  • Patients who need detoxification enter as inpatient because of the concern about withdrawals.
  • After detox, patients go through an intensive treatment regimen, where they learn about addiction disease in an immersive and supportive environment.
  • Negatively influencing factors get removed and program is structured in helping them build life skills, which got interfered due to addiction.
  • Empathy is gained through shared experience, which helps patients defeat addiction and complete their treatment.
  • Some patients go unsuccessful in outpatient program need residential care as it is intensive and includes a therapeutic community.

Outpatient treatment program

  • Patients get freedom of movement. It allows them to maintain their responsibilities towards work, family, and education.
  • Patients can go home in the evenings, so have good privacy and anonymity level [no need to explain prolonged absence to coworkers or friends]
  • As outpatients are exposed to negatively influencing factors, it is patient’s responsibility to voluntarily abstain from alcohol or drug use.
  • Patients get support network through individual counseling, official support group, and family counseling, so they are not alone.

Which kind of treatment program suits your situation relies on you or your counselor. Both help to change your life, so understand them well and move towards becoming sober.