Importance of a Hair Transplant Procedure to Solve Baldness

The day has gone when the hair loss and baldness problem was a major devastating case affected the individuals and they had only one option, either they go abroad to receive the restoration procedure at a very pricey rate or they live with their awkward condition as receiving the procedure was a matter of wealth and their assess.

Nowadays, the hair transplant procedure is not just only limited to Western world countries, but it has a good remark with the entry to the Asian sub-continent as well. The hair transplant in India is now all available with the expert guidance and treatment has given by the best- recognized hair transplant Surgeons. The hair transplant cost is not just a favorable consideration while planning the procedure in India, but the outcomes offer by the Indian Surgeons & Doctor has an outstanding remark in the plastic & cosmetic surgeries world.

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There are many significance and importance of receiving the hair transplant procedure, which must be highlighted in the aspect of an aesthetic value result to get over the problem naturally. Being an ear-raising topic, the procedure importance should be discussed among the hair loss patients are as follows:

  1. It is a Permanent Solution: The grafts are extracted from the safe donor area, which is resistant to the effect of DHT-sensitivity and hence gives the permanent hair roots. The DHT-resistant hair roots are occurring on the back and a side portion of the scalp that retains their resistive characteristics even after the transplantation to another location and never show the miniaturization effect. So, it is a prime consideration of a hair transplant Surgeon to choose the technique carefully after a proper assessment of the patient’s scalp to meet the desired cosmetic goal of the procedure.
  2. It gives Natural Effect: This is purely a natural process in which hair roots are transferred from the donor area to the recipient bald portion in such a manner that the bald area fully covered with the live hair roots. The root transfer and implantation is done from the patient’s own scalp that has truly an original effect in terms of growth of patient’s own hair from their own body. This natural process gives the original hair growth with the natural color, caliber and texture as well.
  3. Neither external maintenance nor follow-up is required: There is no extra maintenance required once your hair transplantation done. The transplanted hair grows like original hair and adopts the normal color, length, texture, and life. You can cut, trim, shave and shampoo as according your wish & expectations. You do not need to visit the clinic again and again once your transplantation is done as it is your own hair that is growing again on your own scalp. However, hair transplant procedure is free from maintenance and extra follow-ups, unlike the other comprehensive surgical procedure.


In the nutshell, we can say that the procedure of hair restoration is one of the safest, painless, and scarless, cosmetic surgery procedures that give you all natural results by the process of natural hair roots shifting with a true aesthetic impact.