IGH-1 is Insulin like Growth Factor and this is generally manufactured in the liver. This is also a supplement which comes in injection solution in milligrams strength and this dosage totally depends on the treatment. Many body builders and athletics use this IGF injection without considering physician. Many people use IGF-1 with other drugs like HGH and testosterone, so that it helps in enhancing their performance.

IGF enhances the performance

IGF- dose body building IGF-1 helps in enhancing the performance and many athletes and bodybuilders use this. This IGF-1 is also classified under Growth Hormone, as polypeptide hormone. This is responsible for stimulating the growth of the cells. This hormone is secreted as well as manufactured in the liver. IGF is secreted in response to the Growth Hormone in pituitary. This IGF’s main function is synthesising the protein and help in retention of nitrogen. IGF-1 also helps in preparing the body tissues in cartilage and helps in growth. It also helps in healing the muscles and its tissues. IGF-1 also helps in synthesis of neurons. IGF-1 also helps in enhancing the brain’s plasticity and reduces the neuromuscular symptoms, which are caused by many diseases. Check out the IGF-1 dosage guide.

Excess IGF leads to side effects

IGF-1 is not recommended for every person. Each one do not have proper knowledge and they must consult a physician before using it. When the hormone levels are adequate and if they inject such hormones, it can lead to side effects and other adverse reactions. The dosage differs if it they are taking it for therapy or non-therapy. If a person takes IGF-1 injection or supplements, the results may not be the same. There are many factors like metabolism, health status, diet and physical exercises which will have an effect on the results. IGF is stacked with anabolic steroids by many bodybuilders. Then the dosage depends on the steroids they are stacking with.


Side effects and IGF Injections safety

The side effects depend totally on the dosage the person used, and how frequently he injected. One person may experience more side effects while other many not. The most common side effects of using IGF-1 are headaches which are more severe, dizziness and anxiety; there are swings in the behaviour of the person. IGF-1 has a molecule structure which is similar to insulin, and it has an impact on the secretion of insulin levels. There are IGF-1 nutritional supplements and they have milligram strength. Though these nutritional supplements may not have potent to show immediate results unlike the IGF injections, these are really safe when compared to IGF injections. These have natural ingredients and they are legal to use. When taken in nutritional form, it will support the pituitary gland, and when it is released, IGF is secreted in the liver. It takes time to see noticeable difference in the person after using the supplement. But they results are seen only after proper nutrition and balanced diet in which amino acids are present. It’s best to take the suggestion before starting the supplement. s