Effective Ways To Lose 10 Pounds In 2 Weeks

How to lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks? Don’t worry, dropping ten pounds in 14 days is never a mission impossible. Yet, such efforts are affected by many factors. If you aim at ridding of 10 pounds after 2 weeks, two main focal points you should pay attention to are: food intake and workout.

Have Lower Carb and Higher Lean Protein Intake

If you stick to a low-carb diet, you can definitely drop some pounds after several days. The fact is, intensive research has proved the effectiveness of a low-carb diet in achieving your health goals: losing weight and improving health.

Plus, when you are limiting your carb intake for the short term, this doing causes water weight loss and bloating too. This explains why low-carb dieters usually notice a marked difference on their scale quite soon, just the next morning after dieting.

In addition, make sure you have sufficient protein intake since it helps greatly curb your appetite while giving your metabolism a boost. You should try cutting back or drastically decreasing every starchy care as well as sugar for the whole week. Instead, eat more low-carb vegetables, eggs, and lean meats and fish as well.

Diet Plan for Losing Weight

When heading for this plan, you should bear in mind the principle of most importance: your metabolism and also metabolic rate are both boosted. This process assists in calorie burning and helps your body during its transformation.

To enhance your metabolism, try to power your body by consuming “high octane” foods, including lean proteins, leafy greens, complex carbs. Also, keep yourself away from those “additives” that can suppress your metabolic rate.

Moreover, you should go for more frequent intakes but with smaller portions. An ideal way I suggest you should choose is to have a light meal every 2 to 3 hours or to snack about 6 to 7 times every day.

Additionally, to perfect your weight-loss results, you can also use best over the counter diet pills that can help you lose extra pounds with no side effects. These pills can work effectively for both men and women by improving metabolism while slowing down the fat build-up in cells.

Aerobic Exercise

During your weight-loss journey, it is important to go for a good exercise plan to boost muscle growth, since it helps prevent you from losing your muscles. Yet, when it comes to losing pounds for a short term, aerobic exercise is also necessary. This is because aerobics helps raise the amount of calories and weight loss rather than train your muscle strength.

If you’re able to stick to one hour doing aerobics every day, then you can return the burnt calories back into your daily diet. By this way, you are safe from the danger of low calorie range.

However, remember that when you are strenuously burning calories, you may have difficulty in exercising due to low energy levels.

If you set a more sensible goal — losing one to two pounds per week, you can have a higher carb intake. This gives support to both your aerobic exercise as well as strength training to maintain and strengthen your muscle growth.

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