Diseases that Affect your Sexual Function

Problems with sex may evolve on the background of various ailments and be the result of unhealthy lifestyle choices, like smoking, lack of physical exercises, alcohol consumption or even staying up late at night. To return your erections to the norm you have to reconsider your harmful habits or start taking drugs for erectile dysfunction treatment. You may find information on the best ED pills and choose the one for yourself at Drugs-med.com.

What ailments may harm your performance in bed?

The number of health conditions, which may result in failure in bed is quite big starting from physical afflictions ending with mental problems. Here are the most frequent health reasons of sexual dysfunction:

  • Cardiovascular afflictions. Poor heart and blood vessels condition may significantly worsen your sexual health. Atherosclerosis, high blood pressure and erectile dysfunction are closely interconnected as the first two diseases affect the blood vessels. In case they are damaged, a sufficient blood flow to the penile area becomes difficult.
  • Men suffering from diabetes may evolve sexual difficulties 15 years earlier than their peers because high blood sugar levels harm the blood vessels and nerves. It gets harder to get an erection. Besides, it becomes significantly weaker.
  • Around 15% of sexual problems happen because of psychological issues. Loss of interest in life and in sex don’t give a possibility to feel sexual arousal and, hence, erection.
  • It may combine the majority of risk factors for erectile dysfunction (e.g. heart disease, diabetes). Besides, excessive fat deposits may increase the level of estrogen in the male’s organism and lower testosterone levels, which have a direct impact on male sexual function.
  • Sleep disorders. Lack of sleep may affect your sexual health by lowering the levels of male hormones. Besides, inability to have a good night rest makes you feel extremely tired and irritated, which won’t do good to your performance in bed either.