Crowdfunding for Old Age Home Entertainment Events

Not all people, parents and grandparents are lucky enough to have someone look after them and care for them in their senior years. We all associate old age with health problems and physical weakness. But there’s something that young people will never understand until they reach that age — the loneliness of old age. India has over a hundred million citizens that are above the age of 60 years — some in their own homes, but many in old age homes, cutoff from what’s happening beyond the walls of the home. For the elderly, television is their best friend.

AT Impact Guru, we envision a fundraising india that is compassionate towards the elderly, and use such fundraising platforms to enhance and improve the lives of the most valuable citizens of our society, such that they begin to feel like their life matters, and more importantly, to bring a smile to their faces.

While many people tend to raise funds for their living, such as old age home expenses, food, and medical care, we’re presenting something different. Through fun activities and daily events for entertainment, we can help them have a good time by staying active and doing activities that will keep their minds sharp. So here are a few simple but effective ideas that can be executed through a fundraising india, to have a positive impact on an elderly person’s life.

Outdoor activities

Outdoor activities with a new purpose each day can really liven up their days — be it gardening and caring for plants, going for a picnic, visiting the park, or bird watching. All the resources and equipment needed for such activities may easily be funded through an effective crowdfunding campaign.

Puzzles and games

We all know that elderly people love playing cards! But besides that, one can encourage them to participate in competitive games such as scrabble, bingo, sudoku challenges etc. Making things competitive by offering prizes to winners is the best way to keep them motivated. Such activities will help keep their mind sharp too.

Hobby development

Everyone has a hobby, or two! But unfortunately, not all old age homes have the funds at their disposal to afford nurturing these hobbies. Ceramic work, woodwork, painting, knitting, crochet, photography, flower arrangement etc are great ideas that can be crowdfunded for.

Wellness activities

Mental and physical wellness activities such as yoga, meditation, and dance, will go a long way in ensuring overall well being for the elderly.

Entertainment evening

Encourage them to move away from the television set by organising poetry reading, storytelling, motivational lectures, and so much more.

These are just a few ideas we’re putting out there for the initiatives of a fundraising india for senior citizens. Besides these if you have any other initiative that will help improve the lives of the elderly citizens in old age homes in India, don’t hesitate to raise funds on Impact Guru today. Our team will be there to guide you through your journey of Impact!