Common Foot Problems And Different Treatments

While in some cases, the orthotics that we can get at any drug store will do a good job, in other cases you might require to have your orthotics custom-made just for your feet. This all depends on the situation and the injury you have, and this is something that needs to be prescribed by a podiatrist. That is why you should visit Orthotic Solutions Podiatry and read more about this.

Normal feet motion

Our feet have a very intricate structure, as each one has 26 bones, 26 muscles and 52 ligaments. One half of all our bones in our body are located in our feet and hands. When all of these parts work together, we are able to stand, walk and run smoothly and efficiently.

Your feet need to have a correction motion to avoid injuries

But, often there will be inborn or acquired imbalances in the structure of our feet, and over time, those imbalances can cause serious foot problems. Such problems are known as bunions, tendonitis, hammertoes and heel pain. Even the pain we feel in our legs, back or hips can sometimes come from the improper way our feet are positioned and the poor structure or alignment.

Treatment of abnormal foot motion

As you should already know, surgery is an option for treating problems that can relate to poor mechanics of our feet. But, there are some simpler methods that podiatrist prefer to prescribe, as they will often completely heal and relive the pain we feel. Appropriate stretching and strengthening of our legs and feet are sometimes the key to having healthy feet.

On the other hand, the use of custom-made orthotics or the ones you can find in any drug store can also be the key in some cases. Each of our steps should start with our foot gently striking on the heel, and the weight of our body will then be transferred towards the foot that is in front, throughout the big toe. When the motion is not like that, there must be a disorder in your feet.

Feet do not always move the correct way

The most common type of abnormal feet is the foot that pronates too much and there are manycauses for that. Simply put, people will refer to this as having flat feet. These who have excessive pronation, it can appear as if their arch has collapsed. If you suffer from flat feet, you might want to check out sports orthotics Sydney by Orthotic Solutions Podiatry

Active people

Those who lead active lives, love sports and consider themselves to be athletic should have regular podiatrist check-ups, and this should go without saying. This is simply because people who are active are also more prone to developing different feet conditions that need to be taken care of.


More often than not the orthotics will be able to heal your feet and correct the way they work, which is great. However, in some rare cases, you might require surgery, or you might have to have the orthotics custom made only for your case. They might be a bit more expensive, but they will surely do the job correctly, if the off-the-shelf orthotics don’t.

Final word

If you need orthotics or treatment is something that your podiatrist should decide, as well with the kind of treatment you will need. This means that as soon as you feel like there is something wrong with your feet; it is a good idea to ask your podiatrist for advice and help. A good podiatrist will prescribe a treatment that will work for you!