Bioavailable Testosterone | Everything You Need To Know

If you take the test to know the testosterone level then you have little bit confusion by seeing the results. By the results you can notice there are two types are testosterone they are free testosterone, bound testosterone and bio available testosterone. Free testosterone and bound testosterone are present in blood. Most of the testosterone is bound is bound to two proteins sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG) and albumin. Free testosterone means it accounts less than 4% of your total testosterone. Bound testosterone means it accounts for around 96% of total testosterone.

Bound testosterone may bind to main protein in your blood known as albumin. Bioavailable testosterone means the sum of your total free testosterone plus albumin bound testosterone. Testosterone that is bioavailable is readily able to enter your cells and be used by your body. If you find that you don’t have normal bioavailable testosterone level then it may feel like a punch. If you have high levels of testosterone but too much is bound to proteins and cannot be utilised by your body then it may leads to low testosterone. Increased testosterone levels in men leads to adrenal tumours that are producing testosterone in female leads to ovarian tumour.

If you experience the symptoms of low bioavailable testosterone like testicular failure and infertilitythen your doctors suggest you to try hormone replacement therapy. Bioavailable testosterone test is recommended for men evaluating the condition known as andropause. Andropause means decrease in testosterone can be seen in men. This bioavailable test may also recommend for a definitive diagnosis. This test is known as TTBS testosterone total bioavailable serum test. Total reference value for men ranges from 300 to 950ng per decilitres.

The importance of bioavailable test is it closely reflects the total bioactive testosterone in older one. Due to coexisting illness older man not only has the elevated SHBG levels but also the albumin levels may vary. One way to increase your sexual desire (libido) naturally is to take a testosterone booster. This is an herbal supplement that stimulates the production of bioavailable your body. Naturally libido boosters for men do not contain hormones. They simply help your body to do what it already does, but with greater efficiency. This also means that the effects are more effective, which have balanced long term effects but fewer side effects. Once your body is producing more bioavailable testosterone then the symptoms should diminish.

We determine the relationship between total testosterone and bioavailable testosterone in men presenting with infertility. The effects of body mass index and age on testosterone levels were examined. To determine if total testosterone measurements are an accurate reflection of tissue available testosterone in infertile men, levels of total testosterone were compared to bioavailable testosterone levels. Serum levels of bioavailable testosterone and total testosterone are measured by taking the patient’s morning samples. Patients were classified as having low, normal or high levels of total or bioavailable testosterone. To determine the effect of obesity, patient weight was converted to body mass index for analysis. Testosterone status should be determined by the measurement of bioavailable testosterone when evaluating infertile males.