Best And Worst Foods For People With Headaches!

Headaches aren’t always about hangovers or sleep deprivation. They can sometimes trigger with the tiniest of things like munching on chilli. It is uncommon for people to find food as the trigger for their headaches and as rescue too. So, when someone is offered food to calm their headaches — they look at you pretty alarmed!

It is true! Headaches can be triggered and cured with some food. It is best to keep a food journal for yourself and find out the best of food that works for you. Make a list of the food which makes you live a bad headache day.

But for the ease, we have brought some of the best (and worst) foods for headaches. Jot down the food you eat or bookmark this page! It shall serve as your aid when you need it the most! After all who doesn’t like a quick solution!

Let us start with the cures first!

The best food for headaches!

  • Water

Yeah! Water isn’t technically a FOOD, but it is indeed the most helpful when it comes to treating headaches. 30% of the time one faces this issue. They do because of dehydration. Water is the best thing for your body! It has the power to provide you soothe and calm immediately. It hydrates the body and cools the mind. Water helps alleviate headaches a lot of times.

  • Almonds

Almonds are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, good cholesterol and magnesium. Headaches, mainly the migraines are caused because of low magnesium levels in the body. Munching on almonds at this time helps in curing the migraine pain and give a healthy boost.

  • Milk

Milk is rich in calcium, protein and Vitamin D. The insufficiency in the levels of calcium and protein can indeed make your body weak. Headaches primarily are caused because of a deficiency in Vitamin D and calcium. Therefore, a good glass of milk helps in curing this problem ache to its best.

  • Pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds are rich in fibre and have high magnesium content. Headache sometimes is caused because of digestive issues too. Munching on pumpkin seeds brings the fibre to aid better digestion. It also provides for magnesium which helps alleviate the pain caused due to a migraine. They are nutritious and healthy for your body too.

  • Caffeine

Missed out on your morning cup of coffee or tea? You might be prone to headaches for this reason too! Withdrawal from caffeine can trigger headache. So, it is recommended to give your body a small dose of caffeine to counteract a headache. Give the body time to withdraw from caffeine. Binge on healthy caffeine by using Voucherbucket student discount!

  • Green vegetables

Green vegetables again are rich in magnesium and folate. They are high in potassium and equally nutritious. Green vegetables aid production of blood and improve blood circulation too. Therefore, when you munch of leafy vegetables, you get a better aid to deal with headaches. You might see it fainting away.

Here are the worst foods for headaches!

  • Alcohol

Alcohol dehydrates the body. It also impairs the ability for you to sense thirst. Therefore, when you drink too much alcohol, you dehydrate and don’t pay attention to it too. This results in triggering the headaches.

  • Sugar

Processed sugar is not suitable for health or headaches. Sugar loaded candies, chocolates etc trigger headaches. This is because of the presence of tyramine amino acids that make the body sluggish. While this may act as a trigger to some — others don’t find any effect on consumption of sugar.

  • Chewing gums

Chewing gums provide for muscle tension in the mouth and head. If you are a regular at it, then a few times of chewing shall give you a headache. Often chewing gums provide the stomach the false alarm that food shall arrive. The acids are released for digestion resulting in gastric that further aids headaches.

  • Fizz drinks

Chilled and fizzy beverages contain high amounts of caffeine and sugar. Sometimes just a sip into ice-cold drinks can trigger headaches.

  • Processed Cheese

The base of formation of cheese is fermentation. With age, the cheese gets it correct texture. But often the bacteria that help in the fermentation of the cheese can be harmful to some people. This gives headaches. Parmesan, blue cheese and processed cheese are variants that trigger headaches the most! Buy good quality cheese at voucherbucket student discount!

Food can harm and cure a headache at the same time. Bring a balance in your diet — that helps in the best care of your body!